Richard's Cyclery

Garden Grove's oldest and most experienced purveyor of bicycles

Richard's Cyclery is a wonderful place. At the helm is Richard himself, the venerable gentleman guru of bicycle mechanics. His experienced hands and incredible memory have been dispensing impossibly obscure information, level-headed guidance, and spot-on bicycle service to customers and other local mechanics for more than four decades now. From his roots as Jax' head wrench in the seventies, to his experiences building and fixing for road racers, race across america winners, "human powered vehicle" engineers, iditabike hopefuls, bmx champions, downhill mountain bike daredevils, and riders with special needs seeking customizations (there's more to this list, but I want to keep this a reasonable length), Richard has earned his place in the area as the most respected repairman around. Stop in to the shop for a story, a bike, or some expert adjustments no matter your persuasion. If you're a roadie, a mountain biker, bmx-er, recumbent rider, commuter, or a beach path cruiser, you'll find what you're looking for here: some honest, experienced, friendly and knowledgeable service.


Come see us Monday 10-5, Tuesday through Friday 10-6, or on Saturday 10-5. Sunday is family day in these parts. :)

characterized by old school attitudes and a love of pedal power.